Digital Video Monitoring Systems and Components

Here is a short list of our most popular products. Due to the vast amount of available products, we organized this list by the device type, so you will only see one recorder or camera in each category. All of these items are available in Standard Analog, Mega-Pixel IP, and Hi-Definition Mega-Pixel Analog.


DVRs and NVRs are the most popular recording platform. Unlike Windows™ powered Systems, these Systems do not require constant security & reliability updates.  In addition, Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware programs are not required because there is no way to write to the (Embedded) Operating System.

Due to the many available Hi-Def Technologies, most modern recorders will support all types of Hi-Def cameras, including AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and IP.  HD-SDI was the original Hi-Def analog solution, however, that technology is quickly fading away, so we do not recommend new installations using HD-SDI.

You have a choice of pure IP NVRs, and Hi-Def Analog DVRs supporting from 4 to 128 Channels.  Also, we have Hybrid Systems that offer a combination of IP and Analog Channels on the same recorder.

In most cases, we can upgrade your current System by replacing your recorder and replacing your inoperative or blurry cameras without having to replace your cabling. Cable-running is very labor-intensive, so using your current cables will save you a significant amount of money.

Outdoor DVR
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How can you protect a property that does not have a building available to install a recorder?

These properties may include:

Entrance to Gated or non-Gated Communities

Construction Sites

Airport Ramp Areas

Remote Driveways and Parking Lots


Boat Launch Ramps & Piers

Picnic Areas & Playgrounds

Using our patented Outdoor Recorder, we can protect any property, regardless of the environmental challenges. We can store the Video locally, send it to a remote computer (if you have a local Internet connection) or we can install a wireless Web Server and send the video to your remote device while you are sitting in your vehicle.

Click this link for patent documents:


Micro-Sized Box Cameras are usually installed for covert applications. Depending upon the lens selection, you may view an entire room with this camera hidden in a corner, or install a zoom lens to view a cash register. The Starlight-sensitive versions allow you to view dark areas without the need for infrared illumination.  As with all cameras, they can be installed outdoors using an appropriate weatherproof enclosure. 


HD Box-Type Cameras.  These cameras typically offer many photography settings that are not available with the Bullet-Type Cameras.  They include features such as Bright Light Suppression (to view vehicles without the headlights washing-out the video), adjustable shutter speeds, and Digital Image Stabilization. Using these cameras allow you to “build” the camera of your choice (lens size, field of view, housing type, etc.).


Infrared Bullet Cameras. These cameras offer a long range view, with amazing clarity.
Resolutions up to 4k (8 Megapixel) with optional Starlight capabilities


Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allow you to reposition the lens to view selected areas, or allow the camera to constantly rotate to pre-defined positions. Features include the ability to auto-track intruders and follow them throughout the premises. May be controlled by computer, separate joystick controller, pre-programmed settings, or auto-tracking.


Outdoor Starlight Vandal Dome Cameras. Used for vandal-prone areas that require color video throughout the evening. Cameras are able to withstand high impacts without damage and are weather-proof and vandal-resistant. Includes Vari-Focal Vari-Zoom lens to customize your area of coverage.

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High-Power Infrared License Tag Capture. This weatherproof Camera has full PTZ capabilities, along with adjustable photography settings (separate settings for day & night) to enable reliable license tag capture, 24x7.

Multi-Point Long Range Wireless Network. Do you need to install cameras that are located across a concrete parking lot, river, or perhaps a busy highway? Using our secured wireless links, we can install IP cameras practically anywhere and access multiple cameras using a single wireless link. We can also extend your network connection across the same barriers!

If you encounter an incident, such as a broken window, damaged gate, etc. It would be easy to determine when the event occurred. For example, if you see a damaged gate at 7:00 am and you knew the gate was not damaged the previous night, you can search the motion detect files to locate the event and see who caused the damage.

But, what if the Police ask you to search for a suspicious red pickup truck that entered your property last weekend, can you get them the video? Well, back in the "old days" (and Hollywood still thinks this technology is used today), you can give the Police a few VHS tapes and let them search for the video.  Today, you would have to search all the video from the entire weekend, since there was no event to capture. This would require many hours of very boring searching.

But not anymore!

Now, using our Smart Search Subscription feature, you can now search for specific objects!  You can search for items such as a FedEx Truck, Red Dodge Magnum, Man on Bicycle...  This is a learning application that becomes more accurate the longer you use it. 

Here are some intelligent search results using this service. Look at the (top of photo) search bar to view the search criteria. The first example searched for "Commercial Vehicle." The second example searched for "Convertible." The third example searched fop "Golf Cart." The last example searched for "Scooter."


Here are some of the questions that we've recently encountered:

"What's the best camera to view my back yard?"

"How much for one of those cameras that see in the dark?"

"All I want to do is install a couple of cameras at our entrance gate, why can’t you just give me a price over the phone?"

"Why do you need to visit, don't you know how to use Google Earth?"

The main reason we cannot answer these questions is because there are thousands of recorders and cameras available! How can we possibly make an intelligent recommendation without personally looking at your property and discussing your requirements? In addition, the CCTV industry and their products change as quickly as cellular phones. The camera that may have been a perfect fit for you only 3 months ago may now be replaced with a better camera for a lower price. This is one of the few industries where the prices continue to go down, while the video quality continues to improve. We deal directly with professional distributors and pass the savings on to you. However, to provide you with the best solution, we need to personally examine your site. We do not charge for site visits, nor do we charge for our estimates.


Actual Customer Surveillance Photos