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Welcome to Innovative Surveillance LLC!

Surveillance Systems

Innovative Surveillance LLC is an innovative Hi-Tech Video Security Company, based in Melbourne, Florida. We provide digital video monitoring systems and components for Commercial, HOA/COA, Retail, and Aviation Security Applications.

We focus upon providing the best video evidence that your property requires and offer solutions that are surprisingly affordable.

All systems offer recording based upon motion detection, pre-selected scheduling, or full-time recording. The systems may be monitored and administered locally, or remotely via the Internet. We also feature the ability to view your property using Android or iPhone Smartphones. Because our systems use digital technology for recording and storage, there is no need for old-fashioned video tape management. Therefore, the video quality never deteriorates.

Since every system installation is unique, Innovative Surveillance LLC will demonstrate our various products at your location and allow you to decide which option is best for you. Because of this flexibility, it would not be practical to list any of our prices on this Web Site. However, our product consultations are always provided free of charge and our proposals never hide any additional charges.

We survive upon referrals! To keep your costs low, our business depends upon word-of-mouth advertising. Every customer is important to us and is treated as part of our growing family.

High Definition Recording

Many technological changes have occurred the past few years. Depending upon your current system (Analog, Digital, or New Installation), we can upgrade you to the latest technology.

Read more about High Definition Recording

Outdoor Recording

You don't have a building to protect your recorder? No Problem! Our Patented Outdoor Recorders are Weather-Proof and Vandal-Resistant, so they can be installed anywhere!

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Wiring Challenges

Do you need to install cameras across a concrete parking lot, or across a highway? No Problem! Our secured wireless links can transmit video from one (or several) cameras to your recorder.

Click for More Information about Wiring Alternatives

Low Budget DVRs

The prices of professional systems continue to go down, while the quality is increasing! There is no need to buy some cheap system to protect your home or business.  

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