Innovative Surveillance was founded as a part-time venture back in 2003.  We started this business by installing Analog Recording Systems in local convenience stores and in several homes throughout Brevard County. During that time, the operation of commercial DVRs was complicated and difficult to manage, so we focused on the easier to use Windows™-powered platforms.  Our customers preferred this platform, and the business kept growing as our customer referrals continued to increase.

A few years later, the industry started changing.  With the introduction of the SmartPhone, customers wanted to see their property remotely.  Practically every vendor adopted this change and added embedded Web Servers to their products.  Soon afterwards, Hi-Definition video became a mainstream product. Once again, the CCTV industry had to adopt the latest technology.  Although Innovative Surveillance supports all currently-installed platforms, we only recommend the latest technology for new installations.

DVRs and NVRs have evolved tremendously during these technology changes. They are very easy to operate and manage and they do not require continuous updates and anti-virus programs that plague the Windows™ Systems. Therefore, we now recommend these products exclusively. Depending upon your sites requirements, we will recommend a solution after examining the products from several vendors. We are not attached to any particular vendor and prefer this flexibility of researching your best options.

Now that you can obtain these “Plug & Play” DVRs and NVRs that can be installed by practically anyone, experienced or not, you need to be concerned about your network security and integrity. You do not want some “old school cable guy” plugging unsecured devices into your network and exposing your business to viruses and hacking. A working recorder does not mean it’s a “secure” recorder!  We are certified by Microsoft™ CompTIA™ and Cisco™ and will meet with your security personnel to ensure our equipment does not compromise your network’s security. 

We were incorporated in 2013 and have been listed in good standing with the State of Florida since day one. We are a drug-free and smoke-free corporation. Our licensing and insurance documents are published on www.SunBiz.org