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Wiring Challenges and Available Options

Occasionally, we run into situations where running a cable from your camera to your recorder is not practical, or even possible. What are your options if you require cameras installed over a pond, over a highway, or across a concrete parking lot? We offer several methods to send video to your recorder.

EoP (Ethernet over Power Line):

Depending upon your AC wiring configuration, we may be able to use your building’s AC power lines as a media to transmit video. This option can be tested during our site visit.

Ethernet over Coax (EoC):

If you have an older Coaxial Cable Network, we can use the latest adapters to send digital information over your Coaxial Cables.

Long Range Ethernet (CLEER)

Using CLEER (Coax Leveraged Ethernet Extended Reach) switches, we can extend your Ethernet connection beyond the standard 320 ft. distance limitation. Using CLEER, we can run Ethernet cable lengths up to 2000 ft.

Wireless Radio Links:

We can connect one or multiple cameras using a secured wireless link for distances exceeding 20 miles. Previously, an unobstructed line of sight (LoS) was required for a reliable link. However, by using the latest technology, we can actually pass your video signal through trees and buildings!

Solar Power Options:

If your remote camera location does not have any power available, we can use a combination of solar panels and deep-cycle batteries to supply power to your cameras and radio links.

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