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Windows™ Powered DVRs

We use "Hybrid" Video Capture cards that allow the use of both analog and ip cameras. This provides you with the flexibility to use your original analog cameras and connect them to the latest recording technology. You can also add Mega-Pixel ip cameras without replacing any hardware.

We use Windows7 professional as our choice of operating systems and use separate hard drives for the Operating System and Video Storage for increased performance and fault tolerance.  

Commercial DVR

This is our Commercial DVR. By using the slightly-larger case, we can offer a larger variety of main- boards, processors, and peripherals, while maintaining small size and quiet operation. Our base model begins with 8 video channels and allows expansion of up to 64 Channels. This Windows-powered PC comes equipped with an Intel processor, on-board NIC, USB, your choice of Hard Drive size(s) and DVD writing capability.

DVR Server

If you require tons of storage, with a tamper-proof case, this is the DVR for you. This housing provides plenty of room for several internal hard drives and offers several external drive bays for CD/DVD drives or removable hard drive caddies. This design includes multiple cooling fans, temperature sensors, and lockable front panel and will accept our entire line of DVR cards. It provides coverage from 4 to 64 channels, recording full-motion video, and providing Internet viewing capability.

Here is an abbreviated list of the current recording technologies that we support. Please contact us for additional information

Standalone DVR:

An Analog recorder that records from 4 to 32 Analog Channels. The older models were difficult to use, and we avoided them for many years, However, the new DVRs are very easy to operate.

Standalone NVR:

A Networked Video Recorder that records from 4 to 256 Mega-Pixel IP Cameras. These devices are our first choice for new installations.

Hybrid NVR:

If you have a number of Analog Cameras that you want to keep and you want to expand your current system using IP Cameras, then a HyBrid recorder is your best option.

Tri-Brid and Quad-Brid NVRs:

If you have Analog Cameras that are currently working and you want to replace them with Hi-Def Cameras as they fail, while expanding your System with IP Cameras, then the Tri-Brid or Quad-Brid options are your best choice.


These were the original Hi-Def alternatives to IP Cameras. However, this technology is very limited and we feel it will soon be obsolete. We can support your HD-SDI system, but we do not offer new HD-SDI installations.

Operation of Hybrid Recording card:

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