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Solar Power Solutions

Innovative Surveillance LLC has always maintained an interest in reliable, wireless, camera applications. We have examined several different vendors, but determined their solar power panels were usually just barely strong enough to do the job. We accepted this as a challenge and converted a 12' x 12' storage shed into an insulated, air-conditioned, Internet-equipped computerized office, entirely powered by 100% solar!

We started with a: "basic" 2 panel, 2 battery system, which was our first solar power learning experience  (We actually thought those 2 panels would run the entire operation!). We eventually expanded it to 20 panels, 16 batteries, giving us the ability to run the following appliances:

  • 5000 Watt 24 VDC to 120 VAC Sine Wave Inverter
  • TriStar 60 & 40 Amp Charge Controllers
  • 3500 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 27" HDTV
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • General Office Computers
  • 2 PC-Based DVRs
  • 3 LCD monitors
  • 3 Linksys Switches
  • 2 Web Cam Servers
  • 8 Infrared Cameras (one with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Option)
  • Intrusion Alarm System

This shed is also equipped with voltage regulators to maintain a 12 volt output even when the battery voltage fluctuates (during deep nighttime discharging to bright sunlight recharging) from 24 to 29 volts. Power is provided throughout the structure by using 12 Volt Automotive-type cigarette lighter receptacles. Total reserve capacity is 24 Volts at 3000 Amp-Hours.

Solar DVR 1

Solar DVR 2

Miniature Recording Systems

Miniature Recording Systems

We are currently testing these ultra-compact mini-ITX systems.  Using an i3 processor mounted on a mini-ITX motherboard, we are testing various motherboards for optimal performance while keeping the internal temperature at safe levels..

Mobile Recording Systems

Mobile Recording System 1Mobile Recording System 2

We have tried various mobile recorders (DashCams) and after several disappointments, we have found a reliable system.

  • VGA recording resolution 640x480
  • Built-in microphone for audio capture
  • Synchronized video/audio playback.
  • G-force sensors record vehicle force and movement
  • Stabilization software
  • Built-in GPS
  • Synchronized with Google maps for visual route tracing with on-screen overlay.
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter included
  • Free Application (playback) software included

Telephone Recording Systems

We are currently testing several telephone recording systems.

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