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Surveillance Cameras

"All I want is a couple of cameras for my property, why can’t you give me a price over the phone?"

The main reason we cannot answer this is because there are thousands of cameras available! How can we possibly make an intelligent recommendation without looking at the property and discussing your requirements? In addition, the CCTV industry and their products change almost daily. The camera that may have been a perfect fit for you only 3 months ago may now be replaced with a better camera for a lower price. This is one of the few industries where the prices continue to go down, while the video quality continues to improve. We deal directly with the manufacturers in Korea and Taiwan and pass the savings on to you. However, to provide you with the best solution, we need to personally examine your site. We do not charge for site visits, nor do we charge for our estimates.

We classify cameras in 3 categories: Analog, Digital IP, and Hi-Definition Analog. Practically all 3 technologies are available in the different housings listed below. All of the Cameras are available with infrared illuminators to see in complete darkness.

Analog cameras were the original "Closed Circuit” cameras you may have seen years ago. Back then, these cameras produced a fuzzy Black & White video and cost well over a thousand dollars. These cameras continued to improve as the technology advanced. Today, these cameras are the lowest cost option, but now produce very sharp video. An important specification to consider is the TVL (TV lines of resolution). The more TV lines the camera produces, the sharper the video. In our opinion, there is no reason to purchase a Black & White camera, nor any camera with less than 500 TV lines of resolution. 700 TV Lines is the maximum resolution of an analog camera.

IP Cameras use standard network cable (instead of coaxial cable) to transmit video. The video is 100% digital which makes it immune to interference from noisy AC sources, pinched or stretched cables, etc. Mega-Pixel ip cameras produce unbelievably clear video. A few years ago, selecting this technology was a very expensive option. Today, due to their popularity, IP Camera prices are nearly as low as Analog Camera prices.

Analog Hi-Definition is available in several styles. There are 4 main players in this field and each manufacturer is fighting for their share of the market. Therefore, none of these technologies are compatible with each other. If you are an analog customer and desire to move to Hi-Definition, without the expense of replacing your cables, we will demonstrate the different technologies and suggest the best option for your application.

Some of the cameras we provide

Surveillance Camera

Bullet-Type Cameras used for compact areas that do not want the cameras to be highly visible.


Micro-Sized Box Cameras used for hidden applications Many lens sizes are available. You may view an entire room from this camera hidden in a corner, or with the appropriate lens, view a cash register to prove proper change was returned.  

Pan Tilt Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allow you to reposition the lens to view selected areas, or allow the camera to constantly rotate to pre-defined positions.  Features include the ability to auto-track intruders and follow them throughout the premises. May be controlled by computer, or by separate joystick controller.

Vandal Prone Camera

Outdoor Vandal Dome cameras used for vandal-prone areas that require medium infrared range, high quality video. Camera can withstand high impacts without damage and are weather-proof. Includes Vari-focal Vari Zoom lens to configure for complete coverage. 



HD Box-type Cameras. Includes features such as bright light suppression (to view license tags without the headlights washing-out the video). UTP Video Transmission / DC 12V or AC 24V : Dual Power


Infrared Bullet cameras used for High-Quality, low infrared range These cameras offer a wide angle view, with amazing clarity.  


Infrared Dome

Indoor Infrared Dome Camera. Lowest cost option for indoor applications. Cameras may be easily adjusted. Infrared range of 90 ft in total darkness.

High Powered Infrared

High-Power Infrared/Long Distance surveillance/License Tag Capture. This weatherproof &  lockable housing allows the installation of various cameras, for the specifications you require.

Mega Pixel Camera

Mega-Pixel IP Cameras from 1.3 MP to 5.0 MP@30fps.  Depending upon the application, you may be able to use one of these cameras in place of several analog cameras. These cameras allow you to Zoom-in, after the recording, while maintaining video quality, due to the high pixel count.

Covert Cameras. We offer covert cameras hidden in sprinklers, clocks, AC outlets, smoke detectors, motion detectors, just about any device can contain a camera. Call us for details.

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