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Outdoor DVRs

Why in the world would someone want to keep a DVR outdoors?  Keeping a computer outside just to get email or play video games may not be a good idea, especially if it’s raining outside.  However, if you need to protect a site that does not have a secure building to store the recorder, what would you do?

Some of the many applications include:

  • HOAs/Neighborhood Watch/Private Residence
  • Monitor Gated/non-Gated Entrances and Exits with License Tag Capture
  • Capture gate damage, keypad vandalism
  • Prevent Illegal Trash Dumping
  • Parking Lot Surveillance to monitor theft & vandalism
  • Swimming Pool Security
  • Construction Sites (Commercial and Residential)
  • Theft Prevention  &  Vandalism Deterrence
  • Airport Ramp Areas  & Cellular Communication Towers

Outdoor DVR Sample 1

This installation above includes the DVR, Internet Modem, Router, & Battery Backup (UPS), which blends with the outdoor lighting and sprinkler equipment. There is no obvious way to determine a Computer is recording all activity in the area (cameras visible on island next to the trees).

Our Outdoor DVRs are Weather-proof, Vandal-Resistant and have the ability to record up to 16 Analog Channels or 16 Mega-Pixel ip Channels. The DVR may be connected to your local Internet provider for live-viewing or remote playback from any Windows™ computer.  Optionally, we can install a secured router configured as a Web Server so you can remotely access the DVR via wireless laptop or iPhone. Wireless range depends upon your requirements. Design is protected by US Patent # US20110199481

We currently offer 2 versions: Analog Linux™ or Mega-Pixel ip 

Outdoor DVR Sample 2
Notice how the DVR enclosure (Left Side) appears as just another electrical box.

How it all started: This DVR was designed several years ago to protect a house during renovation. Our original design (before the patent process) won the Maximum PC Rig of the Month Award. View the article here. The current design has been through many tests and many updates. There is very little similarity between the original DVR and our latest design.

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