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Low Budget Surveillance

Many of the popular "Big Box" stores now offer these low-cost, "one size fits all" DVR recording solutions.  Unfortunately, most of these systems are manufactured with very low quality control and they do not use industry-standard components. This means the manufacturer is the only one able to support these products. We do not sell, install, nor do we support such systems.  Why not?

  1. What happens if a camera fails a month after installation? Some of these companies require the customer to return the entire system in order to replace a single item for warranty service. So if a camera fails, you may need to disconnect everything (including the installed cables!) and send it back to California, or worse, China! 
  2. If you need to install a camera that’s 10 feet further than your cable reaches, what can you do? Since these cables are proprietary to the manufacturer, you are usually out of luck.
  3. If you need a different type of camera (wider lens, stronger infrared, etc.) can you replace it with one of our industry-standard cameras? Probably not, due to their proprietary design and custom cable requirements.
  4. Most of these systems will produce a decent daytime video, while watching the screen during real-time. But how clear is the video during playback? Is the video useless during darkness? Is the playback video extremely choppy? How many steps are required to play back the video? Can you easily archive the video to a CD or DVD for the Police?  You will not get these answers until you install the product.  Due to past experiences, we can usually guess the results.

We take video surveillance very seriously and so should you!

The prices of professional systems continue to go down, while the quality is constantly increasing! There is no need to buy some cheap "baby monitor" system to protect your home or business.  The budget system will probably work right out of the box, but will it be working 6 months from now?

You can spend over a thousand dollars for a crash helmet. You can also obtain a  street-legal replica for twenty bucks. Either option will cover you, but depending upon how much value you place on your head, you may wish to avoid the twenty dollar solution!  Using the same comparison, you can also get a 4 Channel DVR from China for under $100. But what are the chances this device will work when you really need it?

On the other end of this comparison, you can spend well over a $1000 for a 4 Channel DVR.  These High-end DVRs will do everything you expect and will provide an excellent and smooth video. However, since these DVRs cost more than a Digital IP Recorder, we do not see any reason to purchase the most expensive DVR.

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